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Title: Arrhythmia (You make my heart flutter) (Part 5)

Pairing: Sakumoto(main), Ohmiya(side)
Rating: PG-13 (up to NC17, eventually.)

Summary:Sho (29) is a doctor clearing his postgrad training in a university hospital and doing his A&E term; Jun (23) is a final year design major. After a forced visit to the hospital, things happen. (Also, I suck at summaries. Go figure. LOL)

Previous Parts: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Notes:This chapter is in Jun's POV.

Jun had to admit: the doctor did clean up very nicely. Extremely nicely, that day when they met in the art gallery for the first time. So nicely, that Jun forgot himself and literally spoke aloud, “those by all means, are not fake jeans.”

Thankfully, the doctor himself didn't catch that, because it would have been extremely embarrassing for Jun if he did. But honestly, that A- grade was an understatement. Jun could not see Sakurai-sensei, or well, Sho-san, as someone who would wear fake jeans or make terrible fashion decisions when he wore that . A very well-fitted black V-neck shirt with a red collared bomber jacket, paired with jeans that left nothing to Jun’s imagination.

Full marks.

Furthermore, the doctor looked good in red.

It certainly didn't help either that Sho showed interest in his work. Jun had never genuinely met someone who had even a smidgen of interest in his work, and the very prospect made him a bit embarrassed, in a good way.

Which was why Jun had considered to text Sho, as promised, except for the whole fiasco that was his model calling him and telling Jun that he can't make it for the fitting because he’s stuck in bed from an awful bout of pneumonia… or that was what Jun managed to make out amidst the coughing and sniffing. Either way, Jun needed a new model, and with most the junior’s finals starting in mid July, none were inclined to model for him.

All in all. Bad. Especially when it was due in just a little over three weeks. That meant that besides redrawing the design concept once he found a new model, Jun had that equivalent amount of time to produce the costume, have fittings, and then prepare the set for the photoshoot, inclusive photo-editing.

Oh how Jun loathed his design modules, especially when he had to scour for his own models AND when his working time had shrunk miraculously. Not to mention… he needed to do well in this module.

"How about me?”
Sho asked. That one innocuous question sent Jun’s heart on a little tailspin, not because Jun had already established the fact that said doctor was hot , but the fact that he was offering to help Jun with his coursework when clearly, he must be quite busy on his own…
He must certainly be too busy, in fact.

“Thank you for the offer, Sho-san, but…” Jun started, but faltered when he saw how quickly Sho deflated at the response. Jun hurriedly added to his statement, “not that I do not want to accept your help - I’m most grateful for it, but, you must be really busy with your work.”

“I’m not!”

Jun started at the sudden eager response. Sho flushed lightly at his own outburst. “As in, I do have work, but I don’t mind helping you, Jun-san. If it’ll make your workload a lot easier.” He shot Jun a small smile, one that made Jun blush. “Perhaps you could tell me what you’d need from me, and I’m sure we can work out a way to make this possible. There isn’t a need for your model to be a student from the university, right? Does alumni count?”

Jun bit his lip distractedly. “Not a problem. It’ll work, I think. You look good in red, and I have the red fabric as needed… Stand up.” He ordered, gesturing for Sho to stand. The doctor obediently did so as Jun stood up, crossing his arms and walking around Sho in a circle, head cocked in thought.

“If you didn’t become a doctor, what would you have wanted to be, if you don’t mind me asking, Sho-san?”

“An idol.”

Jun stilled in his movement, eyebrows raised. Sho shrugged. “Ask Leader. He’ll tell you about it. Or maybe a newscaster, but then I ended up in medical school right after high school, and that was it.”

“Do you have any regrets?” Jun asked as he tilted Sho’s face upwards, just slightly with his fingers - he wondered how good Sho would look with cap, and if so, what kind. Something that won’t hide his lips.

“None whatsoever. Maybe sometimes, but then I meet different people, special people, and I don’t.” The heat from Sho’s whispered words brushing Jun’s fingers suddenly alerted Jun of the closeness between the two, and how he had yet to move his hand from their gentle, guiding grip on the doctor’s chin. Jun jerked backwards, and felt his ears warm slightly as he mentally scolded himself for being so blushy around this doctor. He had better things to do, honestly.

“Well,” Jun cleared his throat, “I’ll gladly have you as a model, Sho-san. I have something in mind, so if you could tell me when you’re free in the next two weeks, I’ll try to get the costume out by then and we can do the fitting and photo shoot.” He paused, gut and throat suddenly twisting when he realize what he had just requested from Sho, and that it might have came out as rude. “If you don’t mind, still, that is. I understand that you’re busy.”

The last thing Jun wanted to be was to be an inconvenience for Sho. He hated being an inconvenience for anyone, always tried to keep things efficient so he didn’t have to disturb anyone, but then luck clearly wasn’t on his side this time round and --

“Hey.” A warm hand on his elbow tugged Jun back into reality, and he swallowed the thickness that was stuck in his throat - not the pleasant sort of stuck in his throat sensation Jun rarely got, no, the more complicated, darker one he hated. “It’s okay. I don’t mind. I offered, didn’t I?” Sho cocked his head, eyes soft.

Jun jerked his head in a little nod, feeling the back of his neck prickle uncomfortably, but gut untwisting slightly at the kindness in Sho’s gaze. Sho nodded slowly, taking out his phone and tapping several buttons before handing it to Jun. “I have my shifts for the rest of the month written in there. I no longer have thirty-hour shifts as I had a few years ago, so I do have a bit of a life now, don’t worry.” Sho reassured, grin wide and cheeky when Jun shot him a wide eyed look.

“Thirty hour shifts?” Jun asked incredulously, voice only stuttering slightly as he took a seat and he swiftly typed Sho’s shift hours into his own phone.

Sho joined him, the doctor teasingly jabbing Jun at his side. “You’re a design major. I’m sure you’ve had plenty of nights like that as well.”
Jun shrugged. Sho wasn’t wrong. “But still, I work with inanimate objects. You deal with human life, for thirty hours straight. That's amazing.”

“When you work in the hospital, no matter how long your shift may be or how tired you are, the patients are probably in more pain, or more miserable than you are. It put things into perspective.”

“I’ve never seen it that way.”

“Most people don't. It's not the job for everyone, I admit. Which is good, because society needs people from different backgrounds, different jobs to thrive.”

Jun nodded slowly, but chose not to comment, eyes dulling at the words. “Perhaps.”


Jun forced a smile on his face, and handed Sho his phone. “I’ve added my number in there, so now you can text me instead, if I ever get a little too occupied. If I get your measurements today, I can probably finished it within the week and I’ll be out of your hair in two weeks.”

Sho’s forehead crinkled in a frown. “Please don't overwork yourself, Jun-san. You don't have to rush for me.”

“I’ll keep that in mind, Sho-san. But my deadline happens to be in just over three weeks, so I do not have a lot of time in the first place.” Jun grimaced, but internally felt relieved because he already had a vague idea for Sho’s costume. The design would barely take a day and night, Jun surmised. And then he could draft out the pattern and complete it by next Saturday. He received a sympathetic grimace from Sho, and a consolatory pat on his shoulder.

“Well then, shall we kick the lovebirds out of the backroom? I think Ohno-sensei can watch his gallery for half an hour while I take your measurements.”

His question was met with confusion. “In the backroom?”

“Unless you’re okay with exhibitionism, Sho-san. I’ll require you to take your clothes off. I like to be thorough.” Jun teased, then promptly bit his tongue when he realized what that just sounded like. Sho seemed vaguely unperturbed, simply shrugging and responding with a nonchalant, “Fair enough.”

Jun knocked on the door of the backroom. “Me and Sho-san have to borrow the back room, so you both better be wearing clothes when I come in.” There was an annoyed groan from the other side of the door, one Jun was very used to. “Don't groan, I need to work, and it’s not like you’re fucking each other, so get out.” Behind him, he could hear Sho snorting, and Jun laughed, making sure to paste a self-satisfied grin when a disgruntled Nino opened the door, hair slightly mussed, expression sour.

The expression melted into a suggestive, smug grin as Nino looked from Jun to Sho. “Seven minutes of heaven in the back room, are we?”

Jun rolled his eyes, refraining from looking back at Sho to see his expression. Jun wished - wait, what?

“We are not you, and no, he’s going to be my model and I need measurements, so out you get.” Jun shooed, lightly tugging Sho into the room by the wrist, past Nino. Thankfully, Ohno had quickly push Nino out, shooting Jun and Sho a small smile. “Glad you finally found a model, Jun. Take all the time you need.”

“Take all the time you need? Oh-chan! You’re inviting them to do more than just take measurements in there.” Nino hissed, to which Jun ignored, slamming the door shut and locking it. “Don’t molest the good doctor now, Jun-pon, no matter how hot he is.” Nino added loudly from the other side, to which Jun loudly knocked the door at the approximate height that was Nino’s ear.

The startled yelp pleased Jun incrementally.

“You have an interesting relationship with your roommate.” Sho commented benevolently, peering around. Jun found it interesting that Sho seemed used to the madness that was his life - i.e. Ohno and Nino, and wondered if the doctor’s calmness emerged from having worked in a hospital long enough, or just from having an equally crazy childhood. “I know someone who would get along very well with him, besides Leader, that is.”

Jun raised his eyebrow. “Don’t tell me, equally snarky and suggestive?” The very thought of a Nino clone caused Jun to shiver.

“No no, not equally snarky, but suggestive. And just a touch of mad scientist. You’re meeting him on Monday, I heard. Aiba Masaki.”

Jun nearly dropped the measuring tape he had been unrolling onto the floor, eyes wide. “Aiba-sensei? Is that why he told me to wear clothes I don’t mind getting dirty on Monday, or he’ll lend me an apron? What is he making me do, gardening?”

Sho’s eyes were filled with mirth, and Jun knew his face was one of horror.

“Don’t worry. It’s nothing deadly. I hope you aren’t allergic to animals.” Sho assured, or perhaps, tried to assure, as Jun did not feel any less worried. Taking a slow breath, Jun looked up at the ceiling momentarily, and decided to worry about the actual meeting on Monday itself.

“Take off your shirt.” Jun gestured, and looked away momentarily to give the doctor some modicum of privacy. When Sho finished folding his shirt and had placed it on the chair, Jun redirected his vision to give the doctor a once-over.

Holy fuck

Jun had to consciously force his jaw to not drop at the sight of Sho’s torso, licking his lips slightly and forcing his eyes to shift to Sho’s face… which still didn’t detract Jun from the fact that Sho was hot . The doctor was hot, and Jun was certain Sho knew it. For one, besides the obvious six-pack abs Sho had, the man was toned, his jeans hanging low enough for Jun to be able to appreciate a lot . And his clavicles. Jun has never been particularly focused in his sexuality, always too busy, too occupied once he entered university, but, hot damn, did Jun want to touch Sho’s body.

“Work out often?” Jun commented lightly, hoping his voice wasn’t as strained as it sounded. His heart thudded in his chest, especially when he walked closer to take the initial measurements.

Which would require him to touch said doctor. Well he was fucked indeed .

Sho followed Jun’s hands as Jun slipped the measuring tape around Sho’s shoulders, ignoring the warm skin thrumming under his hands. Jun brought the tape to the front of Sho’s neck, placing a finger between the tape and Sho’s skin - he could feel Sho’s Adam apple moving when the man swallowed, and replied, “When the time allows for it. Not that often, I gain muscle easily.” Jun quickly moved away to record the first measurement, ignoring his warming ears.

“You’re perfect the way you are.” Jun murmured under his breath, then signalled for Sho to raise his arms, bringing the tape around the doctor’s chest.

“Why, thank you.” Sho responded, tone amused. Jun bit his tongue. That wasn’t meant to be heard.

Jun forced the attraction out of his mind - he can be professional, especially since Sho had kindly volunteered to be his model, rather than volunteered for Jun to jump him - and swiftly took the rest of the measurements: chest, waist, seat, shirt length, shoulder width (“You have sloping shoulders. Don’t see that around here that often.” “I’ve been reminded of that, very often.”), etc, leaving the in-seam for last.
The in-seam.

“Just the in-seam left.” Jun breathed, looking at Sho as he knelt in front of Sho’s legs, ignoring Sho’s crotch, which was just in front of him. This is just physical attraction, just lust, you can just ignore this , Jun mentally berated himself. Sho hummed, and Jun tried his best to not read into the dark gaze Sho levelled at him, as Jun measured the length between the bottom of Sho’s leg to his crotch.
Not. Looking.

“Done.” Jun hurriedly turned around, cheeks heating up. “You can wear your shirt now. Thank you.”

The soft rustling behind him informed him that Sho was doing as he said, but Jun couldn’t help but remember how beautiful Sho’s body was.
“I’ll try to finish by the coming Friday. You wouldn’t mind if I text you occasionally to ask about some preferences?”

“I wouldn’t mind at all.”

To his surprise, Jun completed the costume design by Sunday afternoon - working through the night as well as the hours when the gallery was empty on Sunday morning. Of course, Jun would never admit that he already had some ideas of what Sho would look great in ever since the hospital visit, but ever since he saw that body…

Jun legitimately considered if it was safe to just make a transparent or semi-translucent shirt and linen pants for Sho and call it a day.

Obviously, Jun would never do that, but he did seriously consider it. However, rationality got the better of him, as well as the multitude of red fabric he had already gotten, and Jun decided that he’d make something military-esque. A blazer made of the sequined red fabric, accented in black, lined in gold. Topped with a police hat. Under that, a well fitted white button up shirt that would turn out a little bit see-through if it was wet, especially if said doctor was an actual idol, working up a sweat and -

“Ow!” Jun yelped as he promptly pricked his finger with a pin, cursing furiously at the pin and himself, for being distracted while pinning the pieces for the blazer lapels together. He shook his hand to ease the throbbing pain - despite having enough experience to know that doing that rarely helped - and frowned at the sight of a bead of blood forming at the tip of his middle finger.

Sighing, he placed the fabric down - lest he stain the pieces - and inserted his middle finger into his mouth to suck the beaded blood.

A camera flash from in front of Jun suddenly startled him, and he looked up, fingertip still in mouth, to identify the culprit, eyes wide.

His eyes narrowed instantly when he realized it was Nino with his camera. The photography major smirked. “Wouldn’t you prefer the good doctor to kiss your finger better? Or would you rather he suck it?”

Jun rolled his eyes at the crude joke, removing his finger from his mouth and eyeing the pricked finger. “What do you want, brat? This is the costume design studio, not your photography studio."

“I’m hurt, don’t you want me here, Jun-pon?” Nino pouted, before lightly tugging Jun by the collar. “To answer your question, I’m here to bring you back. It’s nearly one in the morning, you work addict. You’ve been here since, what, three? Have you had dinner yet?”
Jun looked away guiltily. “I had a granola bar.”

Nino tsked. “You’re going to argue with me that at least you ate something. Pack up. You’re going home.”

“But--” Jun was far from close to finishing the pinning of the pieces together, but if he did, it’d only take him half an afternoon to finish the blazer piece.

“Don’t make me tell Oh-chan who would tell your doctor.”

Jun glared, but obediently started clearing his workspace and sorting the fabric pieces.


“Aiba-Sensei, I’m Matsumoto Jun. Thank you for seei--”

“Matsujun!” The jubilant counselor greeted Jun by the door, seizing him in a bear hug as he invited Jun in. “Come in, come in. I’ve been so excited to meet you.”

Jun nearly balked at the nickname. Matsujun? Well, it was certainly better than Jun-pon, and Nino had layered that on him the day they met, so fair enough, he supposed. He walked into the office, gladly noting that, no, there was nothing unusual about the man’s office.

There was an office desk, looking very pristine and organized, with only a notebook and pen resting on its center, and two, normal looking office chairs. Nothing scary at all. There wasn’t even the typical posters one would see in a counselor office - if there was a word to describe the space, Jun would say, clinical.

He wondered, did he get the room wrong? Wasn’t he warned by Sho-san and Ohno-sensei that this man had unusual methods?

Sighing, Jun halted merely a metre from the door and let the eager counselor close it from behind him. He didn’t think it was necessary for him to see a shrink - in fact, he was very much forced to do so, given that Ohno had effectively given Jun his phone with Aiba on the line and told him, “now’s a perfect time to make an appointment.”

As eager as Aiba was, Jun still did not want to be spending ninety minutes of his life with a stranger that would likely inform him ‘take it slow, don’t burn out’ etc.

“Aiba-sensei, I just wanted to inform you that this is really unneces- Umph!” Jun grunted when Aiba promptly pushed him backwards and onto - a beanbag? Jun felt confused; was that hidden behind the door? Aiba tugged a large picnic basket from behind his table and sat cross legged in front of Jun, eyes bright with a child-like excitement. His expression made Jun’s resolve to possibly escape from this session early falter just a bit, and Jun sighed.

“I’ve heard so much about you from Leader and Sho-chan, so I’m really excited to meet you, Matsujun.”

“They talk about me?” Jun felt his heartbeat race slightly.

Aiba nodded distractedly as he carefully opened the the basket, and cooed at whatever was in it. “Only good things, nothing to be anxious about.”

‘Please be cute and fluffy. Cute and fluffy.’
Jun prayed as Aiba gently tilted the basket.

His heart nearly stopped when out came three puppies, rolling and stumbling around each other on their tiny feet. “So cute.” Jun cooed, reaching out to offer his hand at the nearest, sleepy looking, piebald one. The puppy snuffled at his hand and promptly walked away, ignoring Aiba’s hands and going back into the basket.

“Ah, don’t mind Satoko. She’s the sleepy one.” Aiba explained, trying to wrangle a smaller, hyperactive puppy into his hands before dropping it onto Jun’s lap. The puppy clambered up onto Jun, and Jun suddenly understood why he had been requested to wear something he didn’t mind getting dirty, because this puppy was a drooler.

“You’re sweet but you really need to settle down.” Jun grunted as it - well, she - stepped onto his crotch while balancing on his chest to lick at his chin.

“Masako! Stop stepping on Jun’s crotch. He needs it.” Jun flushed at the comment, sputtering at how crude the statement sounded. “Ah… okay maybe best you take Shoko-chan. She’s the tamer one. If not you’ll be too busy wrangling Masako to talk properly.” Aiba crawled forward to pick the excited ball of fluff from Jun’s lap, and replaced it with another.

Shoko was fully white, compared to Masako’s brown coat and Satoko’s black and white spotty fur, and was thankfully far more calmer. She simply nuzzled into Jun’s arm with an soft yip and settled right onto him, allowing Jun to stroke her without a lot of fuss. Jun relaxed into the bean bag, crooning at the cute sight Shoko was.

“Are they yours?” Jun asked, watching as Aiba successfully wrangled said Masako into a happy ball of fur as he tickled her belly on the ground.

“Nope. I just know a person who keeps them, and she lets me borrow them for my counselling sessions, once in a while.” Aiba grinned, lifting up Masako and kissing her puppy nose. Jun smiled at the sight, but very much preferred the peaceful puppy resting on his lap. “So, now, tell me about yourself Matsujun.”

Jun looked suspiciously at the counselor, who barely seemed focus on the conversation, more engrossed in said puppy. “Don’t you have details about me already?”

“I prefer hearing them from you.”

Jun pursed his lips. “I’m Matsumoto Jun, 23 years old, a final year Visual and Music Design major studying in Keio University. I specialize under entertainment design.”

“From Tokyo?”

“Born and raised.”

“Ah, must have been interesting to have grown up in a big city like Tokyo. I’m from Chiba, but I attended high school in Tokyo, so the commute was horrible everyday. Oh, did you know, Sho-chan,” Aiba cocked his head slightly, “as in the doctor, not the puppy, was born in Gunma? But he was raised in Tokyo, so he is practically a city boy.”

Jun perked slightly at the information, but attempted to feign disinterest. “Oh?”

“Yep.” Aiba then became silent, scratching the puppy under her chin as Masako tried to nip his finger.

Jun narrowed his eyes in suspicion at Aiba’s sudden silence. “Aren’t you supposed to be probing me with questions?”

“Only if you want to tell me if there’s anything bothering you.” Aiba responded with a smile, eyes bright with an unreadable expression. For a strange reason, Jun knew those eyes were reading into him far more deeply than he was comfortable with, and he shifted uneasily.

“There’s nothing wrong with me!” Jun insisted, suddenly feeling defensive. Shoko whined at the movement, and Jun huffed, running a hand through her fur.

Aiba’s eyebrows were raised. “I never said there was anything wrong with you. Only that if anything was bothering you.”

Jun flushed; he had no idea why he had responded that way, but bit the inside of his cheek. “There’s nothing bothering me.” He corrected sullenly.

“Okay. We won’t talk about that then. Let’s gossip.” Aiba rubbed his hands together, then hurriedly grabbed Masako before she ran off. Jun blinked at the sudden change in topic, and Aiba explained, “Don’t treat me as someone who is out to pry your secrets, Matsujun - I prefer being considered a friend than a professional shrink. Although, I’ve been friends with Leader for over a decade now, and he didn’t tell me that he has a boyfriend now, so really, tell me more.”

“We’re going to gossip for the next... hour?” Jun clarified, still feeling quite confused and overwhelmed by the change in topic. “Is this meant to be counselling?”
“Not if you don’t want it to be.” Aiba patiently waited.
Jun hesitated, unsure if he really wanted to waste an hour of his day sitting with this strange, new person gossiping about his academic advisor and roommate, even if they were friends.

“I’ll tell you about Sho-chan if you tell me about Leader.”

Jun caved too easily.


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